Software for Beverage Retailers

Tipsi develops and manages branded and white labeled mobile technologies for beverage retailers. Our technology includes on-demand store product content, integrated customer payment gateways, inventory management solutions, legacy systems integrations, and store specific consumer mobile applications.

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Revolutionize Store Operations

Tipsi offers retailers a complete integrated system that connects existing point of sale and payment systems with on demand product content and branded or white labeled store specific applications to drive customer sales, retention, and outreach at a fraction of traditional costs.

  • POS Sync
  • Frictionless Payments
  • On Demand Content
  • Mobile Inventory
  • Tipsi Branded or White Labeled
  • Digital Store/Product Marketing

Differentiate The Customer Experience

Tipsi's virtual shopping experience allows stores to offer their customers a content driven experience that integrates personalization, frictionless payments and mobile convenience.

  • Apple Pay | Android Pay
  • Personalized Suggestions
  • Perfect Product Substitutes
  • Store Mapping
  • SKU level content
  • Product Insight

“We knew a singular technology would eventually disrupt the wine space. I think the most surprising and compelling aspect of Tipsi is that it’s a two-sided solution…it fixes the consumer / customer problem at the same time it addresses the major retailer challenges.”

Anani Lawson

Anani Lawson

President, ATL Wine Consulting

“Tipsi is going to revolutionize how wine is sold to consumers in retail. All the waste related to marketing, shelf placement, so-called consumer education is going to completely be turned upon its head. We think that every one of our retail clients needs Tipsi ASAP.”

Paul Favele

Paul Favale

President, HP Selections

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